Integrated Care Coordination Training Series

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  • Session 1: Integrated Care Coordination Training Series Kickoff
    • Wednesday and Thursday, September 29 & 30, 2021, 8:00 am - 10:30 am MST (same time both days)
  • Session 2: Suicide Safer Care in Primary Care
  • Session 3: Managing Depression Requires a Team 
  • Session 4: Schedule Optimization and Maximizing Billing in Integrated Care Settings
  • Session 5: Telehealth Promise and Challenge
  • Session 6: Managing Chronic Pain in Integrated Care

SERIES OVERVIEW:  A growing body of research shows integrated behavioral health improves health and patient experience, while reducing unnecessary costs in time, money, and delays as well as reduce the stigma associated with seeking these services and maximize resources. Integrated behavioral health offers many benefits:

  • Patients with chronic health conditions are more likely to have related behavioral health concerns and often find it easier to improve chronic conditions when these concerns are also addressed.
  • Patients like the convenience of “one-stop shopping.” Whether their problem is stress, mental health, substance use, health behaviors, or all of the above, there is no wrong door. Patients feel it is more socially acceptable and easier to access behavioral health care treatment in a setting they are familiar with, rather than going to a behavioral health setting.
  • Medical providers appreciate having behavioral health partners available to help with problems the medical team doesn’t have enough time or training to address.
  • Providing integrated behavioral health care at the right times in the patient’s medical care can often offset the cost of providing the behavioral health care.

The purpose of this training series is to offer technical assistance and support as Health Centers further their behavioral health integration efforts. Participants can expect an overview of primary care behavioral health integration, as well as specific practices and workflows that can benefit patients and providers.

*All session topics are subject to change based on participant feedback*

*Individualized Health Center coaching is available to those interested. Between each two sessions we will provide an opportunity for practice application, individualized coaching, and case examples.


  • Zoom Webinar (link will be provided upon registration)

COST: AUCH Members free | Non-members $20 per session 

Please contact Emily Bennett with questions regarding the lecture series.