Risk Management Considerations for Prescribing Opioids


Risk Management Considerations for Prescribing Opioids

FREE Live Webinar from ECRI Institute on behalf of HRSA
August 6 or 7, 2014


Chronic pain affects millions of patients each year with a significant impact on quality of life and overall health. Pain management can be challenging for both clinicians and patients. Primary care providers often face challenges in assessing pain management needs while balancing potential risks of misuse and abuse of opioids. Safe and effective pain management strategies are critical to both improving patient outcomes and minimizing risks associated with opioid prescription.

ECRI Institute, on behalf of HRSA, presents a FREE program that provides guidance for health centers and free clinics on best practices and risk management strategies when prescribing opioids. The webinar will discuss the need to properly select and evaluate patients for treatment with opioids, the use of evidence-based guidelines for pain management, the use of opioid therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, and considerations for discontinuing opioid therapy.

The 60-minute webinar will be presented on August 6th at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time and on August 7th at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time.

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