Providing DSM-5 Diagnoses in a Community Health Center Environment - Part 2

Session 2 - Overcoming Challenges in Rendering Clinical Diagnoses


When: Wednesday, November 18, noon-1:30 pm

Series Description: This two-part training series is hosted by the Association for Utah Community Health (AUCH) and the Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (Mountain Plains MHTTC) to provide members of the AUCH Community Health Center network with information on rendering DSM-5 diagnoses in an integrated behavioral health care setting. Session one will provide an overview on rendering accurate DSM-5 diagnoses and best practices for working in an integrated care environment. Session two will utilize questions from session one to provide a facilitated Question and answer session to further explore challenges in providing DSM-5 diagnoses in a community health center environment. This training is open to members of AUCH community health center network.

View Session 1 - Best Practices for Applying DSM-5 Diagnoses here


Start Date + Time November 18, 2020
End Date + Time November 18, 2020