Integrating Pregnancy Intention Screening for Reproductive Age Women

"Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?"

Who should be asking One Key Question (OKQ)?

ALL healthcare providers should start this important conversation with ALL women of reproductive age during ALL healthcare encounters.

What is OKQ?

OKQ is an initiative created by the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health.  This program provides clinicians with a simple proactive pregnancy intention screening program designed to be incorporated into primary care settings.  OKQ provides the foundation for clinicians to provide comprehensive contraceptive advice for women who answer no, unsure, or ok either way.  Also, with nearly half of pregnancies being unintended, OKQ helps clinicians guide women to reduce factors that affect fetal development and health which are best modified before pregnancy.  This includes interventions such as taking a multi-vitamin with folic acid, addressing psychosocial concerns, minimizing ecposure to teratogens, and controlling chronic conditions. The algorithm also prompts clinicians to review medications, birth spacing recommendations, optimal timing for wellness, and develop a plan of care to assess additional preconception care and/or contraception needs.   

How will OKQ be implemented?

A small grant from the March of Dimes is supporting the first phase of the implementation process.  During this phase, we will be working to educate clinicians and  improve understanding of the barriers and facilitators to OKQ in our community.

When will OKQ be implemented?

Feedback about the barriers and facilitators are essential for successful implementation.  This information will be utilized to develop a comprehensive implementation plan with the projected completion date of  February, 2018.  

Where will OKQ be implemented?

The initial focus is to develop an implementation plan for OKQ integration into the practice of women’s health providers at the University of Utah and Community Health Workers along the Wasatch Front.  The longterm goal is to implement system-wide. 

Why One Key Question?

The OKQ program is an initiative created to help address the public health concerns of unintended pregnancies as well as our shortcomings in providing adequate contraceptive and preconception care.  Proactively screening women for their pregnancy intention may be exactly what we need to increase the number of pregnancies that are desired, planned, and as healthy as possible.


The University of Utah College of Nursing would like to invite you to participate in a training session and research study about the One Key Question® (OKQ) for community health workers, community leaders, and health outreach workers. OKQ is a single question to help promote appropriate guidance for women based on their reproductive life plans.The study will evaluate the OKQ training and will also include a group interview to help them learn about how community leaders and health workers might integrate the OKQ into their work with reproductive age women. 

They would like to ask you to participate in a training about OKQ, complete a pre- and post-training questionnaire to evaluate the training, and participate in a group interview. They will provide you with a meal and you will receive a certificate for completing the training. 

They will be conducting a training and group interview IN SPANISH at the Sorenson Multicultural Center on Thursday, November 30th from 5:30-8:00 PM.  Please RSVP to Rachael Hemmert by emailing  

They will also be conducting a training session and group interview IN ENGLISH in January, 2018 (exact date TBD).  Please email Rachael Hemmert at to receive notifications about this event.

Start Date + Time November 30, 2017 @ 5:30 pm
End Date + Time November 30, 2017 @ 8:00 pm