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The University of Utah College of Nursing is seeking RNs working in primary care clinics in rural and underserved areas of Utah to serve as preceptors to students engaged in the Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention Scholar (NEPQR) program. A goal of the NEPQR is to provide undergraduate nursing students with primary care nursing experiences that prepare them to work in primary care upon graduation. Preceptors are needed for CAPSTONE CLINICAL EXPERIENCES and SEMESTER BASED CLINICAL EXPERIENCES as described below.
Preceptor Role/Responsibility/Expectations for RN-BS students in their final - SYNTHESIS CLINICAL EXPERIENCE
In the final semester of the RN-BS Program, students are placed in a setting where they work side by side with a preceptor to apply leadership skills. As a preceptor, you will help the student develop specific goals to gain deeper awareness and skills, provide opportunities for learning and professional leadership development. You serve as a mentor and guide, directing the students’ 45-hour clinical progression and achievement of learning outcomes.
At the same time, students are enrolled in a separate, but related course to develop a durable quality improvement project at an assigned clinical agency applying leadership principles. Preceptors work closely with the student to ensure that the project has impact and meets the unit/agency needs. Students are given an additional 100 “clinical” hours to complete the project.
Preceptor Role/Responsibility/Expectations for Pre-licensure RN students in their final - CAPSTONE CLINICAL EXPERIENCE
As a capstone preceptor, you are essential to the success of the student. Preceptors and faculty work together to help the student apply all they have learned to function as a Registered Nurse. You will guide and assist the student’s learning experience during your work schedule, acting as a coach and mentor. Along with the student, you will establish realistic goals and expectations of your work setting, while encouraging open communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and feedback. During their 240-hour rotation, you will supervise the student's activities, ensure safe practice and quality of care, all while maintaining accountability to your agency. At midterm and semester end, you will discuss student progress, validate student competencies, and individualized learning goals with the student and clinical instructor.
Preceptor Role/Responsibility/Expectations for Pre-licensure nursing students during clinical experiences
As a preceptor of students who do not have an RN license, you have an opportunity to provide students with skill development during their clinical rotations. Primary care nursing experiences may include disease education, annual wellness, vaccinations, screenings, behavioral/health coaching and monitoring protocol-driven nurse-led clinics. These are not listed as required activities but suggestions. The student experience depends upon the primary care clinical site scope of services.
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We have partnered with the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence to provide a free online Precepting 101 Training beginning in January 2020. CEs are available. Please see the details about the program below.
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